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Any Washingtonians who live North of Seattle!

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Original Post

Have you been? Have you applied? Would you, if you haven't?
I just heard about this show today, and it sounds so cool . . . I'm just looking to hear anything and everything you know about it!

Posted at 5:49pm Jan 16, 2012 EST


I've thought about applying too and asked around. The only thing I heard was from my silver smithing instructor who said her stuff would do well there, but she probably wouldn't be accepted because she doesn't blog or do any social media stuff. But that's third hand information, no idea if it's accurate.

Posted at 1:17am Jan 19, 2012 EST

Acire22 from Acires says

I am thinking of applying for the summer show....I guess its worth giving it a shot right?

Posted at 11:55am Jan 19, 2012 EST

Acire22 from Acires says

oh and thanks for posting this!

Posted at 11:55am Jan 19, 2012 EST

Looks like applications open Feb. 27. I just signed up for their email list. I'm with Acire, can't hurt to try. urbancraftuprising.com/

Posted at 12:03pm Jan 19, 2012 EST

Hehe, yeah that's what I thought too. It sounds like their summer show is a little less crowded, but their winter show is VERY well attended.
Maybe we'll see one another if any of us get in.

Posted at 2:57pm Jan 19, 2012 EST

Anna Heins says

It looks like an Awesome craft show! I wish I could apply for the spring show, but I"m busy that weekend....maybe I'll try for the winter one/!

Posted at 1:42pm Jan 30, 2012 EST

Acire22 from Acires says
Edited on Mar 12, 2012

so is anyone applying??? I think I am going to wait and do it next year. The prices are a touch high for me right now, especially if I dont sell anything while there!

Posted at 2:38pm Mar 12, 2012 EDT

Yeah, I'm not actually going to apply either. I found a game convention about a month later that seemed like a better fit for my products!

Posted at 9:01pm Mar 12, 2012 EDT

Are you talking about PAX? I sell dice bags there through my retail partner Games and Gizmos. With luck I'll be there in person this year.

I did apply to Urban Uprising. I haven't decided to accept yet even if I get in. The price is steep, but the turnout might make it worth it.

Posted at 10:59pm Mar 12, 2012 EDT