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Original Post

Today I found a really fantastic shawl from Tisserande and I thought why not starting this "game " like the other teams .
Tisserande has spent so much time in weaving this scarf that obviously she did not have time to put it in the new listings,so I wanted to share it myself.
Best Vesna

Posted at 6:34pm May 4, 2012 EDT


There are so many interesting fiber combinations in Diane's Weaverville Woolens shop, but this one using baby camel intrigued me. The color would go with almost anything.

Posted at 3:55pm May 6, 2012 EDT

Oh, Vesna, I beg your pardon, I commented on the weaver above me on the team list!

Your silks are wonderful.

Posted at 5:53pm May 6, 2012 EDT

PLEASE, whoever would like to join in, please look at Annie's lovely shop for the next comment as I have already had a turn!

Posted at 5:58pm May 6, 2012 EDT

Think the colors in this scarf are so pretty.

Posted at 2:31pm May 7, 2012 EDT

Never mind ,WeaverwvilleWoolens,
I just would like that we start to promote our team members.
Let ´s start again !

Favorite the item from the shop above !

Posted at 4:08pm May 7, 2012 EDT

Very pretty and soft, a classic addition to a wardrobe. Wonderful

Posted at 10:12am May 16, 2012 EDT