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Ruby in zoisite perhaps???

Posted at 11:15am Jul 3, 2012 EDT

Anja from AnjasArts says

I believe Sarah figured out it was an agate.

Posted at 12:14pm Jul 3, 2012 EDT

Anja from AnjasArts says

I learned something new today. I knew ruby in zoisite wasn't just that but I didn't know what the black material was called- turns out it's not even really zoisite
"Although anyolite is advertised as a variety of the mineral zoisite from Kenya and Tanzania, anyolite is actually a metamorphic rock composed of intergrown green zoisite, black tschermakite, and ruby. It is said to be named after the Maasai word anyoli, meaning "green." Anyolite is also referred to as ruby in zoisite or Tanganyika artstone."

Posted at 1:53pm Jul 4, 2012 EDT

I have some stones that are labeled as yellow amazonite. They are more orange than yellow. Is it likely that they really are amazonite?

Posted at 9:31am Jul 5, 2012 EDT

Amazonite, by definition, is a mixture of blue-green Microcline Feldspar with stringers of white Orthoclase Feldspar--I have seen it to be very light yellowish-green, but 'orange' would get me doing some tests to see--- Plagioclase Feldspar can be orange-ish, as can some Orthoclase---

Are these rough specimens or finished stones? Do you have any pics you can put up a link to? Do you know which mine they are from?

Posted at 12:37pm Jul 5, 2012 EDT

Heres a couple of posts in the wrong thread, now in the right thread

We are just a one thread gig here, thanks!!
Barnibus VonSchnuuzle

Sarah from BlueSoulDesigns says

Can anyone tell me about Prehnite and if it's found on the Virgin Islands? Thanks@

Posted at 1:45 pm Jul 6, 2012 EDT - Report this post
Jim Sullivan avatar
Jim Sullivan from NearEarthExploration says

Sure is--on St. Croix and St. John-- What do you want to know? Prehnite is a Calcium Aluminum Silicate Hydroxide, usually a lime green color, and usually forms crystals that look like bubbles, or balls, on matrix---send me a convo if you need more specific info----

Posted at 5:58pm Jul 6, 2012 EDT

Is there a better way to search through the thread for keywords? I'm trying to find out if you guys discussed "dragon blood jasper"...I can't find anything on this name - real or not, except for the typical "metaphysical properties" stuff that is of no use to me at all.

I've seen several incarnations in cab form with a distinct combination of red and green (or blue green), and sometime in a brecciated form with pockets of translucent white & green veins as well...

Any input or insights? The brecciated form is quite lovely, and I was thinking of picking up a couple pieces for my collection. Just need to know if I need to just label them as a "mystery stone", or if a more definitive name would suit...

Posted at 12:28pm Jul 13, 2012 EDT

From my experience, dragon blood jasper is the same as 'christmas jasper' or bloodstone.

Posted at 10:02pm Jul 13, 2012 EDT

Okay, so what's a Polki?


And after that, next question: what's a Pookah?

Posted at 11:48am Jul 15, 2012 EDT

Not sure. Seems to be atype of jewelry from india. i assume its quartz or glass. Will research more when I am not on my tablet

Posted at 1:03pm Jul 15, 2012 EDT