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Original Post

What do you use in your henna paste? What brand of henna powder do you buy?

My standard recipe is of course henna powder (I only buy Jamila brand), lemon juice, sugar, & lavender or eucalyptus oil. Most of the time I also add very strong black tea. While boiling the tea, I also like to add in some cloves, and sometimes turmeric.

There are many people who say all you need is henna powder and water, some say henna powder, lemon juice, and an essential oil to terp it. I have not seen any real difference beyond that point when it comes to adding tea & more, but I feel that the extra care that I put into it sends some extra good vibes to the henna recipients.. And it's fun creating kind of a witch's brew :)

What's your recipe?

Posted at 4:23pm Mar 1, 2011 EST


I also have a henna plant growing in my sunroom that I plan on using for my paste in the future, but for now it is too small. :)

Posted at 4:38pm Mar 1, 2011 EST

I use teas alot, lemon juice, pomegranate, or rain water in my paste. Maybe there are some small differences...for crafting I don't add any oils or sugar.
I thinks it pretty cool, you have a henna plant. I hope it goes well with you.

Posted at 11:40pm Mar 2, 2011 EST

For applying Henna on my hands i mix it with tea water and nothing else. But when it dries up, then i remove it eaily with my hands ( not with water) and then i use Vicks or Head Balm (ointment used for headache).

Tips for getting a rich dark henna color on your hands-

* As said by our ancestors, henna when applied at night gives the best color :) . So i do the same.

* Don't wash your hands for a day atleast. Seriously it gives the best color this way.


Posted at 1:06pm Jan 2, 2012 EST