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Who can join?

416 Hustler is a moderated team with the following requirements:

We are a group of like minded members who support, promote and encourage. We rely on all of our members to use social media to promote the group to help drive sales. This group requires it's members to participate in promotion. In order to remain in the group you must promote through social media, treasuries, your personal website or blog. We are here to help each other with problems and to help encourage individual development and growth. We also like to meet up in person for group crafting events and group sales. We're always looking for new members who are like minded people and eager. You must live in Toronto proper to apply. This is the #1 requirement. Please note that this excludes: Mississauga, Oakville, Scarborough and North York and beyond. Please refer to the green section of this link for the specific boundary limitations:


There are many other wonderful groups available if you reside outside of the limitations and encourage you to find one thats best suited to your geographical location and group needs.

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