Vintage Lovers NEED HELP? IS THIS VINTAGE? WHAT IS THIS? May 27 - June 2

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Original Post

Last week's thread:

Need help with an issue? We'll try to help. Have a question? This is the place to ask it. Don't know exactly what your newest treasure is? Post a photo and we'll try to help. Not quite sure an item is vintage? We'll take a look and give you our opinion. Our team members generously share their expertise and knowledge; we will try to answer your questions or point you in the right direction for an answer.

Many times you will really have to dig and keep digging to find the information that you're looking for. Sometimes even your best effort won't uncover the information that you need. Our mantra is research, research, research. Remember that the internet isn't your only resource; your local library, too, will have a section devoted to reference and resource books.

Also take a look at our Resource threads. You just might find the link that you're looking for there.

We Vintage Lovers are much like archeologists uncovering our vintage treasures; sometimes we have to be information archeologists in uncovering the information that we need.

So, put on your excavator's hard hat and start digging! We'll be here to help.

Posted at 7:00am May 27, 2012 EDT


DianaM from PastPiecesVintage says
Edited on May 27, 2012




Posted at 7:02am May 27, 2012 EDT

We have some questions carried over from last week:

SherryAnn from Retromagination says

Hi teamies;
Does anyone have recommendations for getting feline urine smell out of wood?
Janell from nellsvintagehouse says

And now for my question. Would you consider these to be kokeshi dolls? if not, than what..just small wooden dolls? Thanks in advance!
Aracely from provjewels says


I have been trying to find any info on this item. I did a lot of research, but I could not find anything about this one in particular. The most intriguing thing is the English and German instruction manual. Does anybody know anything about it?

Posted at 7:08am May 27, 2012 EDT

Okaaaaay, this chickie is inquiring about a slip. She asked if it was sheer, I said no, as a matter of fact, it's a little thicker than most. Now she wants to reserve it until next Thursday and wants me to take more pictures of it because she's "not sure if it is really not sheer." Frankly, I don't want to bother with her anymore. What should I do.....and how to do it nicely because my patience is sorely tested.

Posted at 10:20am May 27, 2012 EDT

Diana... Dress up one of the cats in the slip and take a new photo??? No wait that is what I would do....
Seriously can you maybe take a picture of the item in a sunny window so you she can see how sheer it is with sunlight through it? And maybe have your arm behind it to show how "not see through" it is. Send her a message that the new photo is on slot number 5 of the listing. Also state you do not put things on reserve at this time. And thank her for her interest. She'll either buy it next week or you'll never hear from her again.

Posted at 10:41am May 27, 2012 EDT

SherryAnn... Cat pee on wood will be tough. I just yesterday sold my vintage book of home and garden formulas for household products that would have had some ideas.... Darn.....Our vet has a whole cabinet full of products that remove pet urine orders and stains for sale and I would imagine a pet store, like Pet Smart, would too. I will look around for the new book I have with cleaning solution recipes in it....Old or new I can't find anything in the house.

Posted at 10:48am May 27, 2012 EDT

Hi all, I've just listed this based on some brief research I did. Does anyone have any resources/info that might offer some clues as to the item? The dating on it is based on who it is from.

Posted at 1:39pm May 27, 2012 EDT

Niki says

Diana...Some sales come easy and some you certainly have to work for! It is absolutely up to you how to handle the situation, but personally I'd take the extra photos for her...even though there is no guarantee that she will make the purchase. You could also tell her than you are unable to reserve items without a deposit.

I have worked in customer service for many, many years and there have been several customers that I have absolutely adored and MANY that have tested my patience. She may very well blow you off after you do the extra work for her OR she could become a repeat buyer who raves about you to all of her many vintage-loving friends because you were so patient and helpful. That's just the risk you have to take sometimes!

Good luck to you!

Posted at 4:27pm May 27, 2012 EDT


Those are definitely kokeshi -- this particular style of kokeshi is called "shingata," which is also known as "creative" kokeshi. In this style, artists have freedom to experiment with different shapes and styles.

They're very nice!

Posted at 4:59pm May 27, 2012 EDT

Does anyone know when this picture frame might be from or anything else about it? It appears to be hand painted. I have researched all over trying to find a similar style (is this gold leaf?) religious icon-like paint. Is there a name for any of the motifs? The only one I know is egg and dart and this is definitely not it. I have also looked at every patent for easel leg photo frames and it seems that it may be as early as the 20s or well into the 60s.


Posted at 5:44pm May 27, 2012 EDT