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Original Post

Tell us about your blog and leave your blog homepage link here.

Posted at 3:14 pm Feb 12, 2012 EST


Kim at justByou from justByou says
Edited on Feb 12, 2012

Michelle from says


My name is Michelle. I want to tell you about my blog because it's pretty neat. I have featured artist posts, and you can also become a featured artist if you have a shop here on Etsy!

Check it out!

Posted at 1:38 pm Feb 12, 2012 EST

Posted at 3:15 pm Feb 12, 2012 EST

KatEzat from says

Hi all!

After the success of last week, I wanna invite you all to come join me for my weekly Etsy Stoke Take.

You can link up with your items resulting in motivation and FREE promotion for everyone:



Kat x

Posted at 7:35 am Feb 12, 2012 EST

Posted at 3:17 pm Feb 12, 2012 EST

Hi, I'm Amanda and my blog is Dandelions and Lace. I write about a little bit of everything - crafts, vintage stuff, baking, life... whatever is on my mind. Please check it ou and I hope you enjoy!

Posted at 9:20 pm Feb 12, 2012 EST

Jen from sparklegirl says

Hi, my name is Jen. I love to blog and have been blogging for years (I've had a few different blogs over this time).

My blog is about the randomness of my life... crafts, DIY, baking, things I love, photos. I believe in finding happiness and joy in every day so I try to portray that through my blog.

xo Jen

Posted at 11:23 pm Feb 12, 2012 EST


My name is Richard, I've been designing jewelry for many years and if you go to my etsy shop you'll see that I show a diversity of styles.

I am frequently asked questions about where my ideas come from or how my pieces are made. This blog is an attempt to answer those kinds of questions by offering views into my studio, revealing my sources of inspiration, and explaining some of my hand making techniques.

I hope you enjoy what you find and look forward to any feed back you might offer.

Thank you so much,

Posted at 6:12 am Feb 13, 2012 EST

Amy says

My name is Amy, I am a huge craft-er! I am a SAHM of 4, my newest addition having open heart surgery in Sept. But she's here and doing well.
With that said my crafting isn't happening as much as I would like.

My blog is all about love, one post including my journey to baby Ella.

the month is all about LOVE!

Posted at 8:01 am Feb 13, 2012 EST

Valerie from Cabin says

Here's mine! Happy Monday! ;)

Posted at 3:29 pm Feb 13, 2012 EST

Hello Everyone! Thank you for allowing me to be part of this awesome team!

My Blog link is

Have a Great Day!

Posted at 4:03 pm Feb 13, 2012 EST

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