Etsy Massacre Team Team Treasuries!!

Who can join?

Etsy Massacre Team is a moderated team with the following requirements:

We are a group of fellow dark artists who are inspired by the horror genre. Our main rule in blood.. is that you if you join you must have at least 2 items in your shop at all times that scream they are horror movie inspired. Please also be ready to participate here on the Etsy Massacre Team discussion boards and to help cross promote! Those who don't will get the axe! ;)

You must have at least 2 items in your shop tagged with our team tag of ETSYMASSACRE (all one word). This is so buyers and your fellow members can easily find your items/shops. In turn this also means more exposure for you! You have the option to tag more items in your shop but the minimum is 2 horror inspired items. Most of us just tag all of our new horror movie items so if an item sells we have others already tagged for back up.

If your membership is approved, tag your items and then shoot a convo to our Team Captain LivingDeadGirlNicole with the link to 2 items that have been tagged. Once completed you will be added to the official Member/Shop Owner list and be eligible to be a part of our team treasuries, features, spotlights and more!

I ask (but it is not mandatory) that each member please advertise the team on their member shop/profile page. Something as simple as the following works....

"Official Etsy Massacre Team Member: SEE WHAT HORROR IS IN STORE! Search "ETSYMASSACRE" here on Etsy for horror movie inspired art and creations made by members of our team! If it's gorey, creepy, scary, undead, monsterous, or bloody we have it!! Follow us at for product updates, special sales and other horror movie related fun!"

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Original Post

Post them here..

I started one .. I used items that were tagged with our team etsymassacre tag!!

Posted at 1:40pm Feb 22, 2011 EST


if your already an author at the blog spot feel free to post your treasuries there as well! Just posted mine!

Posted at 6:17pm Feb 22, 2011 EST

Our team is growing with some amazing artists!! If you make any team treasuries.. please post them here!

Posted at 1:22pm Aug 8, 2011 EDT

HA HA your treasury is almost identical to my femme fatale one ha ha

Posted at 10:37pm Aug 28, 2011 EDT


Mrs. Lives from DeaDellaMorte says
Happy Friday Everyone!!

Posted at 6:46pm Dec 11, 2011 EST