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Original Post


TravelTree says

I am currently on travel to Mongolia. Here is a treasury inspired by this trip.

Posted at 9:44am May 12, 2011 EDT

I live in Colombia most of the year, and all of my products are made by artisans from a small village there. Here's some of the other Colombia-inspired stuff I've found on Etsy:

Posted at 3:19pm Sep 1, 2011 EDT

A colorful collection of South American-inspired treasures:

Posted at 12:58pm Sep 4, 2011 EDT

A misty collection based on California's Sierra Nevada.

Posted at 10:24pm Jan 22, 2012 EST

A collection based on where I come from (just east of Lake Baikal in Buryatia, Siberia, Russia):

And another one based on my favorite place in Washington State, where I live now - Mount Rainier:

Posted at 11:47pm Feb 6, 2012 EST

Does anyone know why items disappear from treasuries? Each of my two treasuries had 16 items and now they have 15. Is that because an item expired or was taken off by the seller? Will items automatically go back into the treasury if they are re-listed? Thanks!

Posted at 6:47pm Feb 10, 2012 EST