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Title: REVIEW ME! -yourshopnamehere's Shop

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This is the thread to peer review/critique the shop of YOURNAMEHERE's Shop located here:
Please be respectful in your reviews.

(If you have specific areas you want your critiques to be about, or questions please add them to the body of the message.)

Shops reviewed by me (your Etsy ID or shop name): (Link shop 1 review here), (Link shop 2 review here).

Thank you for your participation! Autumn :)

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Original Post

Thank you very much for taking the time to look at my shop!

Official thread to review my shop here

Please be respectful in your reviews.

Please critique:
banner, product, prices, photos

Shops reviewed by me :,

Posted at 1:55 pm Apr 27, 2012 EDT


Hi Jenna,
When I first saw your banner, I thought "motorcycles" because the font is so thick and heavy. I like that you used colour that comes up in your pot labels. I like that you used the same font for your description in your banner "100% natural soy ..." ties it in. Just felt the MotorCityCreations font was too hardcore and biker for the types of products and market you have (comfort, coziness, fragrance and feel-good).

Your product seems well made. I like the photos you took of them too. Against a crisp and clean white background, it denotes bathroom clean.. zen, health. Good image, nice angles and close-ups. I had to click on one of the categories to figure out exactly what you were selling in 4 oz. tins. You say you sell bath and body products, so I was hoping to see body creams etc. Then figured out they were tins of candles. Might be helpful to shoppers to add one more word like "4 oz. tins - candles". Like the names you give the candles.

Prices seem like normal craft market pricing. Hope you do well.

~ Johanna

Posted at 4:01 pm May 10, 2012 EDT

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