5 Boroughs Team Atlantic Antic

Who can join?

5 Boroughs Team is a moderated team with the following requirements:

This is a moderated team. Applicants must be approved by the team leader. Criteria for membership is as follows:

- must live and/or work in NYC
- must have a working shop on Etsy with high-quality products and photography
- must be willing to make 2 treasuries per month featuring at least 6 shop owners from the 5 Boroughs team.
- while we only ask you to make 2 treasuries per month, we would like these treasuries to be as creative and conceptual as possible, and be directly connected to one of etsy's posted merchandise themes of the month. we're shooting for FP quality treasuries.
- should be able to comment on team treasuries whenever possible
-should be willing to participate in discussions that are relevant to NYC etsy shop owners
- should try to promote the 5 Boroughs team and its members through other social networking vehicles, i.e.: facebook, twitter, tumblr, pinterest, etc.
- most importantly, must participate in activities related to our 5 Boroughs Blog scheduled to launch on June 1, 2011

Currently, we are full in the following categories:

- jewelry
- photography
- t-shirts

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Original Post

I got accepted to Atlantic Antic.Anyone else doing it? You can apply at www.atlanticave.org I did it last year and it was amazing.Sold a lot at the fair and then got more orders online.

Posted at 8:46am Jul 21, 2012 EDT


I thought the app process was still open. How did you hear already?

Posted at 6:11pm Jul 25, 2012 EDT

congrats ... i'm sure you will have another amazing day!

Posted at 9:12pm Jul 31, 2012 EDT

I'll be there as well! Got my acceptance last week. I'll be looking for you!

Posted at 10:01am Aug 14, 2012 EDT

@HansMyhedgehog ...it's not juried.First come first served so they inform you by email when they've processed your application.I signed up for the early bird rate.

Last year was awesome.Sold a lot of stuff.

Posted at 11:59am Aug 15, 2012 EDT

Thanks Patricia.

Hey Susan...Did you hear Dekalb Market is closing?Turns out they had a month to month lease for the space.

Posted at 12:00pm Aug 15, 2012 EDT

It was awesome.had a great day.

Posted at 10:25pm Oct 4, 2012 EDT