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Original Post

business advice .. Im going to hire my daughter and her friend to help me make crowns .. I have no idea what to pay them ..

I do know that making the crowns is what I spend the least time on as far as how much time I put into my business .

any ideas .. my pieces range from $30 to $100 ...

also I dont want to pay her by the hour as shed probably be texting the majority of the time so it has to be per piece ...

Thanks :)

Posted at 5:04pm May 17, 2012 EDT


tj i would pay a % of market value for each , that could also encourage to text less and work more :)

Posted at 5:13pm May 17, 2012 EDT

yes I was definitely thinking a percentage, but how do I figure out what % is fair??

Posted at 7:51pm May 17, 2012 EDT

Well my mom worked for a company that paid her by the piece. The way they did it is they figured out how much they wanted to pay by the hour, lets say $10/hour, then they figured out how long it took to make 1 item. lets say 2 hours, so they paid $20 to make that item. If my mom was able to make them faster she got paid more, but if she was slow then she got paid less. She was in control of how much she made based on how long it took her.

Posted at 8:59pm May 17, 2012 EDT

I remember when I was younger and took on babysitting jobs, ten dollars was a lot of money. If they are under 16, it would be difficult for them to find jobs on their own and I assume they aren't expecting to make big bucks.

I think it will be great experience for her and her friend.

Posted at 10:09pm May 17, 2012 EDT

i'd say $10/hr w/o texting. $$7/hr with texting :)

Posted at 10:14pm May 17, 2012 EDT

LOL lana .. well I offered her 10% of what I charge for each piece she is making .. so if its a $50 crown she'd get $5 ... if she settles in and puts her mind to it she can make 2 -3 pieces an hour (the easy pieces) .. depending on the piece .. that could be $15 - $30 an hour!! I say thats a great deal .. she says she should make more HA!!!!! my daughter .. shes sweet but lazy .. anyhoo, I like all of these ideas .. I will think them all through ... she wants an iphone now so she has incentive .. ahhh the days of family members working on the farm for survival are long long gone .. (of course I never worked on a farm, but Id love too!) :)

Posted at 11:32pm May 17, 2012 EDT

Cinda from TwigsAndLace says
Edited on May 18, 2012

We are living somewhat parallel lives with our daughters Theresa so I laughed when I read you won't pay her per hour because she would be texting! I just made that mistake a couple weekends ago telling dd I would pay her by the hour to clean out my car, wash it and do the windows. I figured she would screw around but it wouldn't take her more then 2 hours and at $10 it would be $20. Well she managed to double that and I owed her $40. I told her next time it isn't hourly or I will be taking her phone away while she is doing the job LOL.

I think the piece-work idea is a good one. It gives her total control of what she earns and she might just surprise you and kick butt especially since she wants the phone!

Posted at 12:02am May 18, 2012 EDT

The piece-work rate seems reasonable, and gives your DD a direct reflection of her efforts that quality and production count, not just time! A good lesson for young folks to learn.

Good luck and hope you'll let us know how it works out!

Posted at 3:13am May 19, 2012 EDT

Great topic..I am just starting my 11 yr old here helping me out too. I am paying her $15.00 a week to do busy work, so I can spend more time on my art. addressing boxes, envelopes, count supplies....

She is still young and this works for her...I like the piece rate idea for you

Posted at 7:41am May 19, 2012 EDT

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