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Original Post

OK everyone I am back to work today! Sorry for being inactive, just when I think I am going to have a 'normal' month....well then everything goes crazy!

I found out the HGTV was going to be in town to film 'Home Strange Home', filming all the Dan Phillips and Phoenix Commotion Houses, and they wanted to film ours...so that mean...CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN....cobwebs...closets....sweep...and if any of you have kids under 5 you know how EASY it is to clean with kids in the house.

Their first day of filming our house was yesterday, the host was SO SO SO nice (Chuck Nice) and he bought one of my big $100 prints for his daughter...bought it right off my wall! How awesome is that?

They will be back tomorrow to interview Chris and I about what it is like to be living in a Dan Phillips House and to be building our very own 'recycled home'


Posted at 10:50am Jun 20, 2012 EDT


OMGosh how exciting is that??? You'll have to tell us when it's going to be on so we can all watch. Hopefully you'll get a really nice plug for your Etsy business also.

Make sure to keep those prints up all over your home LOL

Posted at 11:28am Jun 20, 2012 EDT

WOW...Jessica that is sooo cool!! How very exciting!! Congrats!! You'll have to tell us when the show is going to air so we can all watch ♥

Posted at 11:50am Jun 20, 2012 EDT

It's supposed to be sometime in September! When I know the exact dates I will let everyone know! I am so excited! They filmed us, the Tree House, the Bone House and the License Plate house, all here in Huntsville. They wanted to film the family living in the 'Storybook house' next door to us, but it's still not rented so they filmed us instead!

Posted at 12:04pm Jun 20, 2012 EDT

That is awesome! Kudos to you for being able to get your home HGTV ready! Gosh I would need a year notice!

Posted at 1:26pm Jun 20, 2012 EDT

We just moved in in Feb, so we haven't had TOO much time to let it get all crazy yet. :) Plus my hubby is a neat freak so he is always cleaning!

Posted at 2:55pm Jun 20, 2012 EDT

Oh, Jessica -- how exciting, and what a recognition of your efforts, too! And I'm sure that your art will 'just happen' to be in the background or on the walls, right? Hope it goes ever so well -- keep us all posted!

Posted at 12:37am Jun 21, 2012 EDT

Can't even imagine how exciting / nerve wracking (wracking? is that a word? ) that must be! What a adventure you and your family are on! I so admire your spirit!

Posted at 7:03am Jun 21, 2012 EDT

@ Sheyrl - My artwork is everywhere! I can't help it! It's the safest place to store stuff while I wait for it to sell/in between shows. Our walls are literally covered.

Posted at 12:16pm Jun 21, 2012 EDT