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Original Post

Hi There!

I'm new to twitter! Would love to have some more followers, and to do some more following!!/DinkADooStudios

Posted at 7:02pm Aug 14, 2011 EDT


followed!! follow back? :)
Im new to twitter as well


Posted at 2:32pm Aug 23, 2011 EDT

Not too...but being reaquainted...!/lostriverrags

Twitter has been slow for us, but still working at it.

Here's our FB too...!/lostriverrags

Following both of you now. :D

Posted at 8:16am Aug 29, 2011 EDT

tackyfab says

On my way to follow you guys! :)

Posted at 12:31pm Sep 5, 2011 EDT

Hi. i'm new to twitter also, i'm here to find people to follow who might follow me also, and figure out how to tweet/promote better.
i will be signing on again tomorrow AM. i'm in California, so way behind a lot of you!

Posted at 12:17am Sep 22, 2011 EDT

I just created my twitter account a few minutes ago!/talia_jewelry

Posted at 1:07pm Dec 27, 2011 EST

I'm brand new to twitter!!/shoobs77

Posted at 9:22am Jan 16, 2012 EST

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