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Who can join?

Bohemian Lovers is a moderated team with the following requirements:

Our team is currently looking for members who create beautifully bohemian clothing, pottery, fine art, leather products, boho purses, as well as furniture, fabric, jewelry and gemstone supplies and vintage items.

Please have a minimum of one full page of items for sale in your shop and please have great photos! If you have less than one full page of items please contact team captain for more info.

How to make a treasury info here:

Please checkout the team rules:

1. Create at least 2 treasuries each month for our team
2. Feature at least 3 of our members in the top 3 rows of the treasury. (The other 13 slots can be whatever you want!)
3. Do not include items from your shop and please no more than one from each of our members
4. Please tag all the treasuries with: BohemianLovers
5. Please include some of the daily trending word tags, you can find them here. (see right side column)
6. Please post the link to our team treasuries under the appropriate discussion thread on our team page and also on our Facebook page here:

7. When possible please comment ,click,share on our team treasuries even if you are not featured.

Please promote and share our team, invite new members whose art you admire, and share our Facebook page.

Let's make our team great!

Ivy ♥♥♥

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Original Post

Hi everyone! I'm working on some treasuries and was thinking a nice and fun thing would be for you guys to post what items in your shops you are really wanting to feature right now? Please post them here and I will work some themes around them and get some nice treasuries up!


Posted at 2:29pm May 21, 2012 EDT


AWESOME idea, Christine!!!!

Here's mine:

What about some other teammies?

Let's get some great treasuries made!!!


Posted at 4:40pm May 21, 2012 EDT

Oh great items gals! Please feel free to post more than one too. I'm going to get to work after I put my kids down for bed this evening!

Posted at 6:23pm May 21, 2012 EDT

here is mine in case anyone else wants to do them, I'm thinking we can do new ones each week or so

Posted at 6:26pm May 21, 2012 EDT