Bohemian Lovers 2 treasuries per month

Who can join?

Bohemian Lovers is a moderated team with the following requirements:

Our team is currently looking for members who create beautifully bohemian clothing, pottery, fine art, leather products, boho purses, as well as furniture, fabric, jewelry and gemstone supplies and vintage items.

Please have a minimum of one full page of items for sale in your shop and please have great photos! If you have less than one full page of items please contact team captain for more info.

How to make a treasury info here:

Please checkout the team rules:

1. Create at least 2 treasuries each month for our team
2. Feature at least 3 of our members in the top 3 rows of the treasury. (The other 13 slots can be whatever you want!)
3. Do not include items from your shop and please no more than one from each of our members
4. Please tag all the treasuries with: BohemianLovers
5. Please include some of the daily trending word tags, you can find them here. (see right side column)
6. Please post the link to our team treasuries under the appropriate discussion thread on our team page and also on our Facebook page here:

7. When possible please comment ,click,share on our team treasuries even if you are not featured.

Please promote and share our team, invite new members whose art you admire, and share our Facebook page.

Let's make our team great!

Ivy ♥♥♥

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Original Post

Hi, everyone! This is the convo I sent all members of our team to try to encourage everyone to participate a LOT more in making treasuries.

We have many members that are very active (thanks so much!!!), but many more that don't make ANY treasuries.

So....I reminded everyone, and I hope to see a LOT more active participation, cuz that is what gets attention (and SALES) for our shops!

Let's support each other! Favorite each other's treasuries, comment on each other's (even if we aren't featured) and "Pay it Forward" by featuring those who have featured us.

Sound good, everyone? I LOVE this team, and want it to be FABULOUS!!

Here is the convo I sent:

Hi, member of our Bohemian Lovers team! I am messaging everyone to remind them of your promise to make two team treasuries per month.

Very few members have kept this promise, so I am reminding everyone. I will have to start removing people from the team if they don't contribute.

It is unfair for some of us to make 6 or 8 treasuries and promote them like crazy, only to have those people featured not even reciprocate.

So, PLEASE: make some COOL team treasuries and let's get our shops NOTICED!!!

At the end of June, I will check to see who has made their two treasuries, and I will remove all members who haven't kept their promise.

Let's make our team more active, ok, everyone?

Thanks very much!!!'


So...please make 2 team treasuries this--and EVERY--month!

Yay, team!


Posted at 6:07pm Jun 4, 2012 EDT


Naomi from Shalotte says
Edited on Jun 5, 2012

I got the Convo. Thank you for the poke. I've been terribly lax for treasuries on all my teams just lately.

May I just put my tuppence in to mention something. I am slightly unsure at to the team tag. I always use 'bohemianloversteam' and I seem to only get up about half a dozen shops and after a while you get slightly samey treasuries.
is it 'bohemianloversteam' or just simply 'bohemianlovers'

here is my one featuring a good many members


Posted at 5:21am Jun 5, 2012 EDT

Thanks for the reminder! Here's my latest all Bohemian treasury:


Posted at 9:04am Jun 5, 2012 EDT

I've made my 2 for the month but perhaps I will make more if time permits :)


Just a note, I think if we want to make treasuries for the purpose of getting exposure and sales, everyone *really* needs to click each item and promote them like mad. Making treasuries and leaving them alone won't really help any of us. We should make it worth our time and effort, no?


Posted at 10:41am Jun 5, 2012 EDT

thank you for the reminder, i was lazyon the treasury chapter.
this is my first.

Posted at 3:06pm Jun 5, 2012 EDT

Naomi from Shalotte says

Bohemian Lovers Team Treasury
Mucha Maiden


Posted at 1:36pm Jun 10, 2012 EDT

It would be Wonderful if All the Featured People would make a Comment and Extra Super if we Support our Fellow Team Members with comments and clicks even when our items aren't featured.

Posted at 4:50pm Jun 10, 2012 EDT

Here here Carey! :-)

Posted at 6:44pm Jun 11, 2012 EDT

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