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Original Post

Welcome Buyers and Sellers to the WLV Team's Handmade thread.

Here you will see all the talented folks on the team. Handmade items make the best gifts and I always appreciate all the love and time that goes into each creative piece!

Post your creativeness here!

As always, be kind to one another, no calling out and keep the posts and comments family friendly.


Posted at 4:38 pm Jan 30, 2012 EST


AuntSue thank you for always thinking of our wonderful handmade team members! You always do a great job promoting their wonderful wares!

Posted at 4:41 pm Jan 30, 2012 EST

Looking forward to seeing more beautiful handmade items from our team members!

Posted at 4:45 pm Jan 30, 2012 EST

This was hand painted and designed by "yours truly". :)

Posted at 5:02 pm Jan 30, 2012 EST

Love seeing these from the very talented & special folks here! Such creativity is wonderful!

Thanks sis auntsue for starting this thread! Your work is fab!!!

Posted at 5:12 pm Jan 30, 2012 EST

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