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I ship registered to the US and a couple of times that I had delayed items I asked the customer to fill in the postal inspectors form that PeRaP recommends. It works really well! I recommend that you use it. It is not only for local mail in the US.

Registered mail is not complete track and trace. In your post office site you will see when it leaves the country. Afterwards you need to go to the post office of the country where the item was sent to.

If your item was shipped to the US, my experience is that sometimes they do not scan packages and you won't get any information until it reaches the customer.

Posted at 9:20am May 31, 2012 EDT

I have a lost pack experience in US. Firstly I had filled a form on USPS website and had no any response. Then I fill inspection form. My pack has been founded and delivered my customer after two months and a week of shipping date. It works well as Maria wrote, especially if the receiver/customer fills it out in US.
Good luck to all!

Posted at 6:26am Jun 1, 2012 EDT

Hi crochetgal, I am sure you do know better as a resident of States. Thank you for your information. Just, I have an experience with that service and has shared it.

Posted at 6:34am Jun 1, 2012 EDT

Hi Everyone~

Thank you all for your replies~
I posted this item on 25 April, and i reported lost package on 17 May to my local post office. That's 22 days after i've posted it. My local post office told me packages usually needs 6-12days for shipping to US. Usually by that time my customer would have recieved it.
I had a few complains of packages not showing up but i ask them to check with their neighbournood post office and check if the package was delivered but no one was home so they brought it back. Some people told me that if no one was home to receive the item, the postman will leave a note to the owner to collect the package in their post office, but my cases were not...
I'll go and try out USPIS, looks like a long form to fill up~ I really hope it helps~! It sadens me to see my package got lost... cause all packages are customised...
Btw, so it's a no no to no-refund policy?
For the refund policy, what do you usually put?

Chamber Decals

Posted at 11:48pm Jun 2, 2012 EDT

With my experience: I had refunded it because of no delivery in a month. it was not my customer's fault. My customer has paid it again me when the pack had been found and delivered her.
I prefer ethical opinion as a seller, not pragmatic.

Posted at 4:41am Jun 3, 2012 EDT

Ele from minouette says

I think any customer can expect to either get a) your package b) a refund or c) a replacement. It only seems fair....even if it is completely not your fault if the package goes missing. That's how I run my shop. Occassionally, I've had packages go missing- but usually, they are just late. I always assure customers they will get a refund or a replacement if their package goes missing (but if they think it's missing, I usually encourage them to be patient for international shipments). Every once in a while, I have to send two copies of something (at my expense). Though I am loosing money, it's worth it for the good feed-back and happy, more likely to return customer. Also, I would agree with PRP that it's the ethical choice.

Also, on one occasion a customer received the package and the replacement and she volunteered to pay for the 2nd package too!

Posted at 7:06pm Jun 6, 2012 EDT