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Pamela says

I know but at least the house is all nice and clean ready for the renters who are still thin on the ground. I wish They would get a move on and sort this euro thing out. Lovely sunny day here though so all´s not gloom. They all want the same flippin weeks. GGRR

Posted at 12:58pm Jun 10, 2012 EDT

crochetgal says

Thanks for sharing the zibbet codes. I'm sure they will come in handy.

Posted at 5:42pm Jun 12, 2012 EDT

is it the weekend yet!!!! ugggggggggh!
an hour and a half left here at work. bla :p

Posted at 7:23pm Jun 15, 2012 EDT

crochetgal says

Almost ElectronicGirl. Hang in there!!!

Posted at 2:18am Jun 16, 2012 EDT

omgosh! i've been doing jack at work lately. so i brought in my laptop to work on a project for my father.
just finished designing a 1.5 ache rainwater irrigation system to help my dad with his sweet corn crop. Illinois (US) has been horribly inconsistent with rain over the last few years and it keeps getting worse. and he is starting to loose crops. so i told him i would design an experimental rainwater solution to try.
(they have well water, btw. so they can't water the crops..cuz the well could run dry, if they over tax it)

then was searchin around on the net and came up with a bunch of more ideas for new products! woohoo! go creativity, go!

what have you guys been up to lately?

Posted at 6:30pm Jun 19, 2012 EDT

crochetgal says

Our big forest fires have finally been put contained with no loss of life and minimal destruction of property thank goodness.

But there is one smaller one that started a few days ago that's threatening the power transmission lines to the valley so they are really keeping an eye on that.

Right now our daytime temps are in the 110F range so we need the A/C all day!

Posted at 4:16pm Jun 20, 2012 EDT

@crochetgal - OMGosh! thats crazy. we have been pretty lucky in regards to wild fires so far. gonna keep my fingers crossed.
and def stay in the A/C. might need to fill the bath tub with ice cubes...LOL! j/k

Posted at 5:16pm Jun 20, 2012 EDT

crochetgal that's taken ages!

my news is all medical - my mother is back in hospital, lots of driving back and forth, and I'm having horribly lengthy dental treatment.

I'd say thank goodness for the national health service but recently I just want to throw things at them.

Posted at 4:23am Jun 21, 2012 EDT

crochetgal says

Yes Heather, some of these fires take weeks before they are contained as they are in the backwoods mountainous regions that are really hard to get to.

So sorry to hear your Mum's back in hospital. Hopefully she'll be able to be released soon. I can understand how you feel about the National Health though but be thankful that you have it. Here, just for me to go to the doctor for a checkup requires a minimum of $100 since I lost my insurance last year.

There are good points and bad points about both systems.

Posted at 6:28am Jun 22, 2012 EDT

Pamela says

Hey elec girl I am a wizz at irrigation and it can be very irratating too, We have just had a new pump fitted to our well and it keeps tripping the electric. It has just hit 40c today flippin heck it shot up so dam quick and gave us all a shake up.The wind felt like a hair drier today. I like those little wind mill thingies that used to be all over Spain far more reliable than sodding electric.[ sorry elec I'm sure you are} The well is 150 mt down and it's freezing when it's pumped up.Fancy a holiday in Spain you can come do mine. Heather sorry to hear that your mum is poorly I hope she comes home soon. I miss the health service too crochetgirl.I paid into the health service for 35 years and can't any care here . Pam

Posted at 4:38pm Jun 22, 2012 EDT