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Hi, folks!
Lots of people at Etsy don't make a difference between Sweden and Switzerland... (They have offered me the shipping profile to Switzerland etc)

I was born in Finland and living in Sweden since years ago. Sweden has a king with his family, no euros as money and included in the Scandinavian countries.
(The monetary system here is Swedish Crowns.)

Have a happy day!

Posted at 4:54 am Aug 8, 2012 EDT

LOL really?

I can just hear them..."well, both countries start with SW so they must be the same"

from UK though, it is the same shipping to anywhere in Europe.

Posted at 5:32 am Aug 8, 2012 EDT

Love the new addition ElectronicGirl! Too cute!

Hi Carita! Boy do I know what you mean! I'm originally from Canada and most Americans just assumed that Canada was another US state!

Trying to survive the week here in the desert Southwest with another week of miserable heat. At midnight tonight it was still 105F (35C). Shall I send you some Heather?? Daytimes are averaging in the 114F range.

Bring on Fall!!

Posted at 5:56 am Aug 8, 2012 EDT

no thanks crochetgal, I'm not a fan of heat, I'd far rather complain about our English rain!

and I do have to confess that when I admire my list of "countries I have sold to" I tend to include Tasmania as a separate country to Australia, because it "feels like one"!

Posted at 6:52 am Aug 8, 2012 EDT

lol! wow...Canada another state..
jeez, my country really IS getting stupid-er. ugh.

anyways. O.o

thank you @ Heather and crochetgal!
She is just amazing! When i told my mother i got another cat, she was not too happy. at one point she said.."Well that is alot to take care of.." and i responded, "well, i don't have anyone else to take care of..." and that quited down her objection to my 3rd cat. ;)
this is my family now..and i wanted a larger one. got my cat form.

we have been in the 95-100 range for the last week. but at night it gets a lot cooler, thank goodness!
since im stuck inside at work all day..i never feel the heat. :\

Posted at 1:56 pm Aug 9, 2012 EDT

just to contrast - we went swimming in the sea today - very briefly cos it was FOGGY!

Posted at 3:01 pm Aug 9, 2012 EDT

Nifty from niftyknits says
Edited on Aug 10, 2012

I has random :-)

I was invited to enter a competition for UK craft bloggers (10 of us) and I won! (can't remember if I already told you about this)
I've just chosen £50 worth ($78) of goodies for my prize so I am a happy bunny. Half of my prize is going on coloured canes, I'm thinking I'll weave shapes (ok, probably just circles!) to hang kats in.

Posted at 10:36 am Aug 10, 2012 EDT

Congrats Heather! you are a winner!!

for me...what a seriously god awful day at my sh*t job. :(
if i had more sick days...i would be here a lot less. but have used most of them up in preparation for being let go anyways. if they are forced to continue with the last part of my contract...i have no idea how the heck im gonna make it through. and after another blowout of tears at my desk today (this time a friend co-worker was at my desk to witness it. grrrr..), found out im not the only one waiting to leave. a good portion of peeps in my job title are very unhappy with what this job has become and are looking to leave too.

i don't think its as bad for the others as it is becoming for me. being afraid of being dragged into another meeting and being told how much i suck and there "might not be a position for me soon".

ok..if this file doesn't finish soon. im gonna say f*ck it and go home. want to be with my girls. thanks for listening. sorry for the depression.

Posted at 8:51 pm Aug 10, 2012 EDT

hope you're stroking your kitties today, that'll make you feel better.

I've just heard of a new food that I will have to cook - bacon jam! it even sounds delicious. has anyone tried it? I'd never heard of it till just now, but I loooooooove bacon.

Posted at 12:37 pm Aug 11, 2012 EDT

Congrats ElectronicGirl on the new kitty! She's adorable.

And congrats to you Heather on your win.

Bacon jam? Never heard of it. (But then I don't get out much). But they used to say 'Things go better with Coke'. Now the phrase seems to be 'can I have bacon with that'? But I have had bacon Ice cream it was rather yummy!

Posted at 1:44 am Aug 12, 2012 EDT

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