Etsy International Kudos mobile credit card payment - anyone used this?

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I just applied for the Ituit GoPayments mobile cc processing. I'll let you guys know how it goes!

Posted at 12:33pm Jul 8, 2012 EDT

I'm finally up and going for Intuit's GoPayment. So far, I have to say it's far more superior than Kudos Payments. What makes Intuit company better?

a) Website is a lot more comprehensive with troubleshooting. I was able to answer my own questions by looking it up on their website.

b) Their swiper is free and isn't as finicky or have as many do's and don'ts.

c) Intuit deposits your money in batches (like other companies), but deposits exactly what you swiped or keyed-in. They take fees off once a month. This is SO much easier to keep track of money going in because what you have in your books should match with what is deposited! It's easy enough to calculate 2.7% or 3.3% of that sum when the fees are withdrawn.

d) Intuit is a huge company. There are WAY more people using their services, so I would hope that their product has been tested out and troubleshooted more than Kudos.

e) The app is SO much more sophisticated, I can't even begin to describe all the good features it has.

f) The Intuit app won't allow you to log in to swipe transactions if you don't have an internet connection. I know, it would be bad if you can't use the swiper, HOWEVER, I would much rather the app tell me I can't use it rather than an app that allows you to run transactions through even if you have spotty or no internet. With Kudos, the app said our transactions were "approved" even though our internet dropped out. When we got home and connected the device to the net, we found out then that the transactions weren't captured at all! Yeesh. This would be the same problem if a cc was bounced or not valid. You wouldn't know until you connected to the net.

g) Fee comparison: Kudos $50 for swiper & $0.20 (per swipe) + 2.9% vs. Intuit's free swiper & 2.7%

When asked about their pricing structure, Kudos said this:
"As of right now, we have no plans to alter our current pricing.
While we are always looking for ways to stay competitive in this fast growing market, we believe that our high level of customer service and a swiper that works with more devices than a majority of our competitors, gives the extra edge our customers are looking for. That and being a small Canadian company gives many users a sense of pride that a multi-billion corporation just can't compete with"

I'm sorry, but when it comes to dealing with money and customers, I want to go with the most reliable company that has a wide customer base so IF there are problems they can be found and diagnosed! Sorry, I'm a proud Canadian but business is business...I need to know what I'm using is reliable and perform how it is suppose to. :)

Another mobile credit card swiping company to consider for Canadians is PayPal. However, they do not have an official release date for Canada yet so we could be waiting for the swiper for at least few more months!

Posted at 5:03pm Jul 19, 2012 EDT

tigersanddragons from TigersandDragons says
Edited on Jul 25, 2012

I agree Christina, when it comes to dealing with money you need reliable service.

Last weekend I was at a craft show and talked to another vendor. He was with First Data and has a knucklebuster and used the IVR system like I do. What was different was that he negotiated $300 floor coverage! So if he can't call the card until later he is still protected. I was very surprised as I didn't know that kind of option was even available anymore. I originally signed up with UNPS which was bought by First Data.

Anyways for those who are considering getting merchant accounts where you use the IVR phone system, this is something you can try to negotiate into your contract.

Posted at 10:36am Jul 25, 2012 EDT

linda from FlameOnGlass says
Edited on Jul 31, 2012

I have found kudos customer service very good & I am very happy with the companies product. I have been using the swiper for 4 months now every weekend.

Posted at 3:19pm Jul 31, 2012 EDT

Kalen McConnell from minibytes says
Highlighted Post

Hey guys, thought I'd update this thread since Square is now available in Canada as well. Link to sign up is here:

Swiper is free, 2.75% per transaction (a bit higher for manually entered cards), and signup process is WAY easier then Kudos. Instead of a 6 page horrible business-jargon form, it's a 4 step webform that is easy to fill out. Stay tune for more info when I receive the swiper from them.

Posted at 11:59am Oct 24, 2012 EDT

Syed Raza says

Hey guys this kudos is a scam , be careful , they stole my money . That's why they don't have any contact number on their website

Posted at 11:19am May 6, 2013 EDT

Syed Raza says

Friendly reminder to everyone , if you want to protect your money and want to stay out of trouble , don't even think to use this takekudos . It's a scam .

Posted at 11:34am May 6, 2013 EDT

Could you be more specific about what happened?

Posted at 2:58pm May 6, 2013 EDT

linda from FlameOnGlass says
Edited on May 6, 2013

Yes, if you expect people to take you seriously, you need to give them more info.
I have been using kudos for a year now, no problem.

Posted at 3:23pm May 6, 2013 EDT

Maria says

Hi everyone, not sure if you've heard of PayPal Here. I'm actually in their Pilot here in Australia and so far it's been great - they've given me this triangular gadget that I attach to my iPhone and swipe credit cards with. There are other options, too. Money is deposited into my PayPal Business Account.

Apparently, they'll be coming up with another gadget that's much better. It could be an option to consider - just check with PayPal.

Posted at 10:38pm May 7, 2013 EDT