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Original Post

Hi everyone!

I have access to a large complex near Milan (Monza):
2 sports fields
10 bathrooms
Internal and External Bar
Internal and External Cooking
Covered Marque
Internal Parking
Motorway Access
Legal capacity is 2000 people
Legal opening times 7am to 3am

For a very very small fee I am able to book the complex when I like (as I play semi-pro sports there).

Therefore I recently had the idea of organising an Etsy Europe Vintage, Antiques & Crafts event for a weekend (Saturday & Sunday) next May, June or July perhaps with live music and games for children.

The idea is that we organise an Etsy sponsored event with priority given to Etsy store owners in terms of positioning within the location. There would be food (A must in Italy!), drinks, entertainment for both adults and children and of course all of us (and a few non etsy stalls) setting up a stall and (hopefully) selling lot's of things.

So... What do we all think? Suggestions? Comments? Anyone like to help or be a part of this?

Look forward to hearing from you all!


Posted at 10:24am Oct 28, 2011 EDT


Hi Lee,

sounds quite cool and it would be not too far away from where I live (Italian border Vintimille. I have never done a fair before, so no experience there...

Let's wait and see if some more people respond.


Posted at 5:18am Nov 5, 2011 EDT

Very good idea but to far away
Good luck

Posted at 3:26am Apr 4, 2012 EDT

It would be awesome! A vintage etsy fair! I suppose it takes time to organize and needs some publicity as well to see if people are interested.. Hope they are!

Posted at 6:03am Jul 6, 2012 EDT

Sounds like a pretty neat idea! My question would be about language, I'm a Canadian who lives and works (and my shop is based out of) Berlin, Germany. So I can speak English & German, but no Italian! Do you think that would be a problem? Thanks!

Posted at 3:27am Aug 6, 2012 EDT

I would love to take part. I will be in Spain for the summer and my partner in Scotland. This is something we would love to take part in.

Posted at 12:13am Sep 17, 2012 EDT