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Original Post

I made it to the Front page on ArtFire for the second time, WOOOHOOOOO!!!! :D I am so GLAD and EXCITED!!!!

Posted at 11:35pm May 16, 2011 EDT


SewCanYou says

Promoting this shop!
I have the tops & the border print skirt fabric.

Posted at 1:41am May 17, 2011 EDT

My husband makes beautiful but useful handmade wooden pens in various styles. Prices start at $15.00.

For Father's Day - Chrome White with Black Swirls Acrylic Gillette Mach 3 Shaving Razor for $25.00.

We are now carrying a handmade wooden cheeseboard, knife and mini fork set for $49.95. This would be a great housewarming or wedding gift.

We also carry wooden wine stoppers that would be a nice gift with a bottle of wine. Prices are $20.00.

We carry wooden earring bowl organizers. You can hang your earrings around the outside of the bowl. Inside the bowl, you can have a place to put bracelets, anklets or rings. Prices start at $26.00

Visit my shop and feedback

Posted at 9:55am May 17, 2011 EDT

TangoBrat says

Newly listed!!

Also, I'm running 12%off today because there's a full moon! Use coupon code FULLMOON

Posted at 9:57am May 17, 2011 EDT

I'm having a SALE for these 3 journals in my shop for 2 weeks starting today till June 8th! So, here's your chance to grab them home before they're gone!

Posted at 10:01am May 17, 2011 EDT