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Original Post

I've revised my shop announcement over and over, but I still think it's just not enough and too plain. Any ideas? Thank you.

Posted at 10:19am Aug 7, 2012 EDT


Hi Robin

Your shop announcement should probably be a bit longer, covering what you sell & why it is special. Use phrases people search, & try to find ones without too much competition so you can rank on google.

Here are my search engine optimization tips for beginners:

1) Find commonly-searched keywords for your products; the best ones will not have too much competition for you to be able to get standing on Google for them. You can learn more about what people search here:

2) Use these words throughout your shop & listings – shop title, shop announcement, shop sections, item titles, item descriptions. Use exact strings of keywords when they are your target search; exact keyword phrases are important on Google.

3) Put the most important words near the beginning of titles, descriptions & announcements. For descriptions, repeat those important words more than once.

4) For announcements & descriptions, write naturally – do not just use a string of keywords. Titles need to be longer than 3 words but less than 10, generally. Google often prefers 70 characters or less, & remember that Etsy will cut your title to add your shopname to the end on Google.

5) Do not copy/cut & paste each description- every listing you do should mostly be unique text.

6) Get links back to your shop on other websites – this is a crucial part of SEO, & is often the reason you might see a page very similar to yours rank higher than yours on Google; the other site may have more “backlinks”.

Team SASsy

Posted at 12:39pm Aug 7, 2012 EDT

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