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Original Post

HI everyone! I have a new project set forth doing vlogging and have just done my first Vlog on YouTube. I am holding a contest for people to subscribe and will be giving away a sterling silver necklace with a blue morpho butterfly wing. I want to ask you help me launch this by Liking my video and if you care to see other videos, subscribe! All Etsy members are of course eligible to enter the contest. I tagged my video blog "What's In My Studio BAG" Check it out here

Posted at 8:39pm Aug 9, 2012 EDT


No Comments? Does anyone here support our fellow Canadians????

Posted at 6:43pm Aug 11, 2012 EDT

I had tried to look at your video when you first posted, but my computer is a dinosaur and kept freezing on me.
So I had it bookmarked to try again, but have not had time yet!

I think the support for fellow Canadians has been awesome, and I am not sure that no comments here so far means that nobody is supportive. Maybe people are busy over the weekends with family, events, etc. Especially during the Summer :)

I will try to watch again soon...........

Posted at 11:40am Aug 12, 2012 EDT

thanks so much More Of The Past! I appreciate your support!

Posted at 4:29pm Aug 12, 2012 EDT

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