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Original Post

I'm celebrating my 35th birthday with you! Use our coupon code to get big savings!

Several other items on sale in our shop here:

ALSO! Save 15% on your order by using coupon code: MYBIGBIRTHDAYBASH. Hurry, it's only good until March 25th!

What are you offering for specials?

Posted at 3:48pm Mar 21, 2012 EDT


I have a fun little activity going on in my shop right now, an Easter Egg hunt!

Receive 15% off!
There are 5 items in the shop that have Easter eggs hidden on them :)
Make any purchase, list the 5 items where the eggs are hidden in the "message to seller", and receive a 15% refund! Have fun, and Happy Easter!

Egg Hunt will be available until April 8.

Posted at 1:23am Mar 26, 2012 EDT

35% OFF everything in the SALE section
Gemstone and other beaded Earrings and Bracelets at AMAZING PRICES..NOW!!


This beautiful SPRING earrings are NOW - $12.00 ( WAS $17.00)

Posted at 9:36am Mar 27, 2012 EDT

I am taking my shop on the road and doing a table at the "Spring Fling" at Federal Public School in Kirkland Lake, Ontario.
Lots of great deals to be found!

Posted at 5:41am Mar 28, 2012 EDT


How does it sound?? YEAH , ITS TIME TO SAVE BIG !!!!!!!!!!!

Use coupon code 25FREESHIP

Sale ends midnight today. SO hurry !!

Grab a gorgeous gift for your sweet mom at a great price !!!

Posted at 8:47pm Apr 27, 2012 EDT

Hi Everyone!
I'm offering 15% off everything in my shop this weekend using coupon code MOTHER. I sell Retro/Vintage inspired hair accessories, jewelry, compact mirrors...and other neat stuff. Hope you can drop by :)

Posted at 5:17am Apr 28, 2012 EDT

The sale is extended !! Happy news !!!!!!!!!!!!

<<<<<<<<< 25% OFF + FREE SHIPPING >>>>>>>>>>>

Coupon code 25FREESHIP


Dont miss your final chance

Hurry !

Hurry !!

Hurry !!!

You may find a gorgeous gift for your sweet mom for this Mother's day !

Posted at 9:14am Apr 28, 2012 EDT