We've heard the recent concerns surrounding one of our current experiments, which combines vintage and handmade items in a browsing experience, and removes Vintage as a link from the homepage.

We want to reassure the Etsy community that vintage is very important to Etsy's culture and business. We have over 2,500,000 vintage items on Etsy that delight shoppers everyday. We have no plans to remove vintage from the marketplace.

Etsy’s culture is one of innovation. We’re constantly developing, testing, experimenting and launching new ways to connect buyers and sellers in our marketplace. Sometimes small changes to functionality can lead to big improvements in member experience, and that is why we continue to foster a culture that encourages testing and iterating.

Last month we improved the search experience by removing the drop-down and thereby integrating handmade, vintage and supplies items in search results. Before we launched this change to everyone, we ran it as an experiment for many weeks. We found that visitors searched more, viewed more items and purchased more items from search. Not only was there an overall increase in sales from search, there was specifically an increase in sales of vintage and supplies!

The current experiment that adds a “Browse” section to the homepage builds on our learnings from search. We are very interested to see if combining handmade and vintage items in a unified browse experience leads to more visibility. And based on the feedback we’ve received, we are already exploring ways to allow the focused shopper to filter results by vintage or handmade just as we’ve done in search.

In general, we limit the exposure of experiments, like this one, to a small percentage so that the effects are less likely to affect individual shops. We use experiments to test improvements we'd like to make to Etsy, and will tweak and update these tests based on data and community feedback. We will continue testing and updating the experiments until we are confident that the change is ready to release to the entire site, and will have a positive impact on the marketplace.