Hi Etsy sellers,

We started to release a new shipping feature that enables you to set a processing time for each of your items. The processing time is the time it takes to make an item and put it in the mail once an order is placed. Adding processing times sets clear expectations for when your items will ship, improves the buyer experience, and can reduce unnecessary convos.

How does it work?

Select a processing time, which includes the time required to make the item, during the listing process. For each listing, choose from a list of predefined options or choose a custom range from 1-10 business days or from 1-10 weeks. You are not required to choose a processing time when you list an item, and you can include processing time in your shipping profiles to save time.

We show shoppers the processing time on listing pages above shipping prices. For example, shoppers will see that an item “Ships in 1-3 business days.” In the cart, the “ships in” time for the order is based on the “ships in” time for the slowest items in the order (the assumption is all items will ship together to minimize shipping costs). If any items in an order don’t include a processing time, the buyer will not see a "ships in" time for that order.

When an order is marked as paid, we replace the “ships in” time with a specific “scheduled to ship by” date based on the “ships in" time. The “ships in” time is included in transaction emails and on Sold Orders, Purchases, and Receipt pages.

We understand there are situations where you may be waiting on information from a buyer in order to fulfill an order or become backed up due to an unexpected influx of orders. To handle these situations gracefully, you can update the “ship by” date one time per order. When you update a “ship by” date, you are required to add a note explaining why, which is automatically included in a conversation sent to the buyer with the updated “ship by” date.

We plan to release this feature to all sellers over the next week. If you want to start using this feature immediately, you can join the Shipping Improvements Team Prototype:

We’d also like to say a big thank you to all the members of the Shipping Improvements Team who helped us test and refine this feature.

Please post any questions or feedback in this thread: