New Guidelines and Policies

Today, we’re releasing simpler, clearer, guidelines for the Etsy marketplace.

Over the past six years we’ve updated and amended the DO’s and DON’Ts to account for every kind of making, every shop setup, and every difficult scenario you might encounter in your business. You told us that the result was confusing, prohibitive, and at times misleading -- it wasn’t easy to know what did and didn’t qualify for Etsy or where you fell on that spectrum.

We’ve decided it’s time for a change. Our new guidelines put your business back in your hands, giving you room to focus on your passion. In place of the DO’s and DON’Ts, which had grown to 14,000 words, you’ll now see four concise sets of guidelines: Etsy Guidelines, Seller Guidelines, Buyer Guidelines, and Community Guidelines.

In our new, simpler policies:

>> You can hire people and collaborate from different locations.

>> You can use shipping or fulfillment services, but you’re responsible for the customer experience.

>> With approval, you can work with outside manufacturers to help produce your designs.

>> If you work with other people or manufacturers to create your items, you need to share that information on your About page.

>> Re-selling — purchasing a new, finished product you had no role in creating and selling it to someone else unchanged — is still not allowed.

I realize that these are big changes -- a subject for more than one town hall, one email announcement, or a post in the forums. These changes deserve some mulling over and talking through. We started the conversation in today’s town hall with Etsy sellers, admin, and our CEO, Chad. We’ve also pulled together a number of resources to help walk you through the changes.

>> An overview of the changes we’re making and why:

>> A walkthrough of the manufacturing review process:

>> Chad explains these changes in his own words:

>> Straight talk on resellers and maintaining marketplace integrity:

Other admin and I will be around to answer your questions today until 7 p.m. ET and we’ll create a voting thread overnight, so that we can rest up, come back in the morning to answer top voted questions and pick the conversation back up. We know these are significant changes, but we are excited and eager to hear what you think.


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We have a new Forums section for questions and discussions about the new guidelines and policies:

New Guidelines


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