Today we are happy to announce the public launch of the Etsy Developer Community and API. The Etsy Developer Community, located at includes everything developers need to integrate the Etsy API into their applications. The Etsy API will allow developers access to the code for actions one can do on the Etsy website, such as searching product listings and viewing members' favorite ("hearted") items. If you are a developer, joining the Etsy Developer Community will be free and getting started is easy. We provide both a complete set of reference documents and tools for developers to test their API calls.

What does this launch mean if you are not a developer, but an Etsy seller or buyer? The applications built by developers using the Etsy API can be valuable tools for enhancing your Etsy experience. Of course, you will still be able to use Etsy without these applications, and Etsy’s Product and Engineering Teams will continue to work hard to deliver improvements and new features to the site for our members. The applications created by software developers around the world using the Etsy API will be wonderful bonuses to the Etsy experience.

Please visit Etsy's blog, The Storque to learn more about the Etsy API, as well as a few of the developers using the API and the applications they have already created:

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