You may have heard recently that Etsy, and about a dozen other
companies were mentioned in a class-action complaint making
privacy-related claims. The complaint relates to a browser technology
allegedly used by one of our vendors, KISSmetrics. We're confident
that these claims will be found to have no merit, but as soon as we
became aware of the concerns about KISSmetrics technology, we made
sure that the techniques in question were not in use on Etsy, and we
have disabled and are no longer using KISSmetrics.

This also provided a reason to renew our commitment to you about
privacy. We take your privacy very seriously and our relationship
with the Etsy community is of paramount importance. We work hard to
maintain an open, honest, and respectful relationship with all of our
members. We also want to reassure you that this issue will not
distract us from our mission of creating a better marketplace for you.
We'll still be working hard to achieve all the great things that we
have planned for the upcoming holiday season [1]. We'll keep you
posted with any updates.

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