Here at Etsy we are always thinking of new ways to help you explore the marketplace. Today we'd like to introduce a new prototype that provides an exciting new way to browse.

Browsing on Etsy can feel like a conversation. You enter a search, then you refine, navigate, and click around in order to find the perfect item. Often times you might see one or two items that stand out from the rest, but want to find more before making a purchase.

This prototype allows you to do just that. When enabled, items on search pages (in Gallery View) will have a link labelled "See similar items." Clicking this link will bring you to a page dedicated to exploring items that are similar to the item you clicked on. So now, when you find a single item that interests you, you can find many items you might also like in just one click.

We hope you enjoy this prototype, and we look forward to your feedback. To join the prototype, go here: