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How can a buyer leave feedback for a seller if they purchased an item after seeing it in the sellers etsy store, but communicated for a more custom item, so it wasn't "technically" purchased through etsy other than that's where it was first seen. Because there were more custom requests made to the item, an invoice was sent via paypal for the purchase cost and that's how it was paid for. But the buyer is wanting to leave positive feedback on easy. Please help. Thanks!

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you can't leave Etsy feedback for a non-Etsy sale.
I run my Custom sales through etsy, when they've found me on etsy.

That way they can leave me feedback, if they want.
You would have had to set up a custom listing for them in order to receive feedback for the sale.
if it was first seen on etsy, then you arranged for the buyer to purchase off Etsy, that is fee avoidance and against the rules.

you can't receive feedback for an item not purchased thru your Etsy store.
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Inactive Etsy Member 11:50 pm Mar 22, 2012 EDT
You can set up a custom listing and have the buyer purchase it and under payment select "other". In order for this to work you have to be set up to take checks or money orders. You then mark the transaction paid on the Order page.

Your sale will register with Etsy, you'll be charged the fee and the customer can leave feedback.
In the Future you should create a Custom listing for the Buyer, in order not to be accused of practicing "Fee Avoidance" time anyway... :-)
Most of my business is custom. If it's something they want customized more than the price of my listings, I set up a listing for them to purchase. It's fee avoidance if you don't.
I was still charged a fee. but really appreciate all the helpful thoughts and suggestions! :) I really didn't think I would get a response. glad to know etsy peeps are there for each other. thanks again!
If you set up a custom order and the buyer made the purchase through Etsy, then both you and the buyer can leave feedback for each other.

However, if all you did was invoice the buyer directly through paypal for the item and no purchase on Etsy was made, no Etsy feedback can be left by either party.

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