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how to view receipt template when setting up store

Hello, Etsy geniuses!

I am just setting up my store. I would like to review each part of the listing and sales process before I go live.

How do I view and edit my receipts? I want to see what it's going to look like, and how the seller message fits in and all that.


(PS: If it's not possible, is it against Etsy rules to list a $1 item and immediately buy it myself, just so I can view the process from beginning to end?)

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you can not buy your own item. that is against the rules.
You really can't see an invoice until you have a purchase. As far as editing them, you really can't do that either other than renewing the sold item or marking as shipped. Welcome to etsy!
and you cannot edit receipts.
Its not possible to see a receipt without a transaction

Its against Etsy rules to buy from yourself
The system won't let you buy from your own shop

If you want to see how things work, why not make a purchase from another seller?
The receipt you see as a buyer is exactly the same as the receipt you see as a seller
the only thing you can affect is the note to the buyer section.
Are you guys kidding me? Holy schneikies. Hello, Etsy? 1989 called; they want their technology back.

So...the obvious next question is, do I have to use the Etsy receipt? Is it going to force me to print it out before I can move on with a sale? Or can I just skip it and make my own proper receipt?
yes, you have to use the receipt that etsy gives you. no, you don't have to print it out. you can include any receipt you want with the order. i just don't know why it would matter. i personally don't include receipts.
i guess what i am saying, why would you want to have a customized receipt?
etsy's receipt is a proper receipt.

Why would you need a receipt to "move on with the sale"?...that makes no sense.

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