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curious about something

how can a recent posted 3 days in 74 treasurys, have 5000 plus views etc....power to them, but wow!

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It was probably a relisted item, not a new one. When an item is relisted, all the "stats" [treasuries, favorites etc.] about the item remain.
ya there are a couple....4000 views, 430 likes, 37 treasurys...must be what you would be impossible.....
If they sell prints, like in my shop, some of the items may have been listed for well over a year. It was something like August or September of 2010 when they allowed us to keep the same URL for listings which allows us to retain hearts and treasuries and views. I do wish there was the ability to see when an item was originally listed. That'd be very helpful.
It is exactly as Saphoona said. I have lots of items like that. One of my best sellers sold tonight and if you look at it, it reads that it was listed 6 hours ago, yet it has 18599 views, 1162 admirers and in 185 Treasury lists, but it is only becuase it has been relisted and relisted so many times.
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Inactive Etsy Member 3:02am Apr 1, 2012 EDT
It has to be a relisted item.
that was advice given in yesterdays Symposium - to relist your popular items rather than make a new listing as the item will stay in treasuries.
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Inactive Etsy Member 3:54am Apr 1, 2012 EDT
I've a number of items like that.

They weren't newly listed in the past few days. They've probably been sold and relisted a number of times.
Relisted or sold and renewed, I have a lot of items in my shop like that, like my chainmaille shirt with a couple thousand views...

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