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Any one elses shop just slow to a crawl recently?

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Inactive Etsy Member 9:40am Apr 5, 2012 EDT
For the past few weeks my shop was picking u momentum and I was making at least 3-4 sales a week and had great views, favs, etc and this week everything just died. No sales, very few favs or this happening to anyone else to?
Perhaps becasue Easter/passover and such?

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Yes. It's really unusual, since I have had pretty steady sales since I started. I have items I listed at the beginning of the week that still have ZERO views.... that has NEVER happened to me before.
I'm just going to buckle down and work harder and re do a lot of tags, titles, photos, and add more stuff. Plus, I'll probably buy some stuff from other sellers..... Buying things seems to get my sales going again for some reason. :)
Everything's been very slow since the end of Feb. - don't know what's going on. I just keep creating items and listing them, but there's been no uptake in traffic. Maybe April will be better...
yes, it's slower for me and it's usual for this time of year.
It happens! I have no idea why, but I find that once I make a sale, I open up a fload gate of customs & it's just out of control, & once I've finished them... it's tumbleweed for a week {which is kinda great for me!}... Sales, views & favorites will fluctuate.

If it was at a time you were advertising, this may be a reason for it. I don't know.
Yes, I am barely on the radar, however I am using my time well - working on income taxes for our 2 small businesses.
Tumbleweed and crickets here too .....

Guess I should catch up on my income tax then!
I have been getting sales but my stats are way down. Something doesn't seem right. I noticed a slow down in views within the past week. Strange.
My shop has always been slow but at least I am getting a few views a day now before I didn't get any!
It mid to late March was super slow for me, but actually it has picked up a bit so far :-)

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