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Serious/Mature Subject Matter Question Re My New Banner

Hey all,

You are always so informative and and honest; I just want to ask you a question. My shop is called Random Voyeur Vintage and I just recently updated my banner. It has only been up one day and I have already had 2 people (not customers) contact me to let me know that they found my banner to be a trigger to their past trauma. I and you can only assume the worst of what they are referring to.

Question remains: is my banner maybe a bit risque for simply selling vintage jewelry and knick knacks?

I already changed my shop name once so I can't do it again without starting from scratch, and I'm really happy with my sales/feedback so far.

I'm leaning towards keeping the banner because the image/feel/visuals are on par with my shop name.

Any advice on a touchy subject?

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Nobody has the right to not be offended.

Your banner is cool. It's barely pg-13, if that. If something like that is going to set off someone's PTSD, then they're not going to be able to use 3/4's of the internet without going into a coma.

I see what you're getting at.

You can get creative: A keyhole frame and inside showing off your items. Things of that nature.

Due to the fact you've already had a few 'complaints' it may be wise to change it. This is only my opinion.
I wouldn't change it, it's fab....
With 2 people in one day contacting you about the banner, I'd be considering removing it. Plenty of others may have been offended and elected to simply shop elsewhere.

I personally see no problem with it, but if customers are telling you they find it offensive, it's not worth the risk of losing sales to keep it imo.
I think your banner is cute and appropriate for your shop. Personally it's exactly the kind of thing that would attract my attention and think your vintage shop is extra cool. However, if you're having doubts then Phanie's idea is great.
If you were selling lingerie or fiction, then there might be a case to be made to keep the banner.

However, do you like that particular image more than you like money?
Because that's the question you have to ask yourself.

The universe is full of potential hypotheticals, but if 2 people have already had a negative reaction to your banner - and bothered to tell you - then consider that some people might have a negative reaction and simply not bother to tell you.

We all make choices as it pertains to what we share publicly in whatever facet of our online existence that we're referencing. I'd probably choose to ditch the banner image and start over. Find a nice picture of a keyhole, or wander into your downtown area and find a shop with a particularly spiffy looking key plate on their door and snap a nice useable picture of it. A keyhole is pert to the name and suggestive enough without specifically displaying an instance of voyeurism.

It might be cliche, but as a graphic a simple keyhole is the most generic cliche with the chance of offending the fewest people.
You can't spend your life trying to please everyone. You'll get nowhere.

Though personally not my style I think your banner is kinda cool. But ultimately the only person you should be worried about liking your banner is YOU.

And this is coming from a girl who sells jewelry with a creepy green monster for an avatar. I've had my fair share of people blatantly telling me they hated him...
I can't believe people could find that offensive!
But I do agree, if two people have already been upset you should probably change it. You don't want to deter customers.
I love your monster, Amy!

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