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Pricing critique

I've been on Etsy for about a month now and only 2 sales of which one was really a swap (a great swap). So, I am wondering if my prices, both item and shipping costs are too high. Please help me out by honestly letting me know.

Thanks in advance

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The shipping I looked at was about spot on, but your item prices may be too cheap on the baby booties, and the hats. Just my opinion, but some people think cost=quality.
Thanks for looking, I'm always afraid to mark stuff too high, although fabric is very expensive these days it's my experience that people don't understand the cost that goes into making something even so small as a pair of booties with 3 layers of fabric.

Ps. I just looked at your shop, your jewelry is gorgeous! I favorited one of your necklace to show my daughter, she loves the ocean! I also pinned it to my Pinterest. Love it!
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Inactive Etsy Member 7:07am Apr 6, 2012 EDT
Ok last post for me before bed, but I wanted to make sure to chime in on this for you.

Few of the things i see:

◘ Pricing I would say is a bit low. Etsy seems some what afraid of the reason why things are cheaper. Is it quality they are losing at a lower price? Etc

◘ SEO - you will come to dread this word I am sure, most do. I would strongly recommend you do some keyword retooling on your titles and tags.

◘ SEO 2- General rule of thumb, think like a shopper and expand from there. Tags like "Adult 100%" Should never be the first two words of a products title/description. That area you want your big money words, that are most important for a potential buyer to type.

Just my 2¢ - I run a Web Design and SEO Shop here on Etsy. I hope it helps. And good luck :)
I agree. Some people don't realize how expensive material is. I can usually buy clothes cheaper than I can make them, but handmade doesn't fall apart like cheap department store clothing.

Thanks Sandy!
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Inactive Etsy Member 7:13am Apr 6, 2012 EDT
Also - as a side note, you may want to join an Etsy Critique Team. They tend to be pretty active, and are full of advice.

Ryan, thanks for your input. I have worked on my tags and titles, but it is really hard to know what people will look for. I'll try tweaking those tags and titles more. There's not much you can put in a title for a let's say "Baby Bib". I try to think of adjectives that would describe a bib... .

Do you have any suggestions on Etsy Criitique Teams?
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Inactive Etsy Member 7:24am Apr 6, 2012 EDT edited
The one I personally post in is

And as to the keywords for bib - Describe the cloth, the material, the color. Is it clothing, cookware, recycled, upcycled. One of a kind? Would it fall into a style category - say rustic or vintage? Boy Girl or unisex? Just a few thoughts for you.
Great thanks, I'll check it out.
Ryan, you've been very helpful. I'll tell all my friends about your shop and services. Best of luck to you.

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