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I'm a Newbie!

I just started on here--I have been an ebay Seller for about 10 years, and it is so expensive! I thought I would give this a try--are there any tips and tricks I should know? I have the bare minimum right now, and very few items for sale.

I will be building my inventory, and this is just a hobby, so not a huge deal if sales don't happen, just wanted to know if there were things I could be doing that could boost success as I get more into this.


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Hi Jenny! Welcome!

Here's everything you need to know:

Also, SEO and relevancy are important. Good pictures are a extremely important. The more inventory you have, the more views, and sales.

Good luck!
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Well, Jenny, you have a heck of a lot of obstacles when I look at your Policies, like when I have to pay, but you only ship once a week, & NO Returns! Sorry, I can buy jewelry anyplace! You make it too complicated for me to buy from you!
Good luck.
Jenny, I just read your policies. I think they are PERFECT! Very similar to mine- I love the deadline of getting the money in and your schedule seems great for turn around! Good luck !!!! I sell vintage and you are spot on with your policies!
I don't think you have a lot of obstacles in your policies. I think it's pretty reasonable to want to receive payment before you ship. You seem very accommodating and forthcoming.

HOWEVER, please keep in mind that most customers will not read your polices, so if you're only going to ship once a week, you may want to send a note to the buyer after purchase that says, "thanks your order will ship xx/xx." Or put it in the beginning of your message from seller section.
@ Helene, you can't buy vintage rhinestone jewelry ANYPLACE. But, to each his own.
this is stunning!
Just a quick note, Better pictures are essential on Etsy, also I am a long time powerseller on ebay and shipping only once a week, would not make me buy from you. Also I understand your payment policy, however asking someone to pay by friday afternoon seems a bit strange for me, I always ask my buyers to pay within three business days, but to each there own, good luck!
I just expect people to pay me immediately, and have never had issue. I didn't know others gave their customers grace periods.

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