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Shipping refunds with direct checkout

Good morning everyone. I just sold me first items with direct checkout. The buyer bought two items, separately, so I'm sure the shipping is too high. I have used paypal to refund shipping overpayments in the past. Does anyone know how to refund when buyer uses direct checkout?

Thanks and have a happy Easter

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Inactive Etsy Member 9:00 am Apr 8, 2012 EDT
send them a check? I have no idea if you can do partial refunds through etsy, is there a refund link on the transaction? try it and see if you can enter a partial or not
Thanks Artisan, I haven't shipped yet, so maybe after I complete shipping there will be more information? I hope so since international shipping is kind of a shot in the dark and I refund overpayments it would be a pretty necessary part of direct checkout, right?

I'll be back later to see if anyone else has any insight. Thanks again
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Inactive Etsy Member 10:02 am Apr 8, 2012 EDT
I'd be interested to hear the answer............yes, please post when you find out.
When you look at the Receipt view of the order, on the right side there is a drop down menu under 'Manage Order'. That's where you can issue a refund (or cancel an order). It's pretty straightforward from there.
Awesome Jeni, never would have found that! Thanks so much
Thanks all! You can definitely issue a partial refund to your buyer using Direct Checkout.

You can find more information (and some handy visuals) on this process here:
Thanks for bringing this up. I don't have direct checkout yet, and I'm sure that's one issue I wouldn't have thought of -- until it happened to me and I didn't know what to do!
I have a shipping refund question - I had a customer who was not happy with her purchase, she returned it for full refund. I also told her I would pay her return shipping costs.

I can't do this with direct checkout? I've done this in the past through paypal, and it didn't occur to me it would no longer be possible with DC.

I had this happen to me today with my first order through direct checkout- I had to refund excess shipping. At first I panicked when I went to PayPal and couldn't find the transaction...then I finally remembered it was DC- duh.

I had a hard time figuring out how to do it myself, but I clicked on the Quick Tips in the top right of the Shop Payment Account page and then was able to figure out how to complete the refund. At first it didn't seem very intuitive to me, but I think that now that I know the "manage order" drop down is there and what it's for, it's not too bad. YOu have to be in the order to see that.

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