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Where did Alchemy go?

Really, where did it go? It's been so frustrating. I have things I want to solicite/advertise I need/want and there's no mileu to do it in or is there?
Help! I mean HELP!!!

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Alchemy was taken down over a year ago..

You can try to find what you need in Teams now..
What is or what was this "alchemy" thingy......?

I believe this is the second or third thread I have seen on "it", on "him", or on "her" about it...????????

Alchemy was a section of Etsy where you could post a request to have something made, and people could make offers to make it for you, then you got to choose the buyer to make your item.
oh, that sounds kind of cool Angela! So, what were the problems or the negatives with it, for it to be taken down?
this is the reason it was taken down:
ty angela
Lisa K avatar Admin
We still hope to build a better, more beautiful system for requesting custom items.

In the meantime there are a few good options.

If you find a seller you particularly adore, from the left sidebar of their shop page you can follow the link to 'Request Custom Item'. This will open up a conversation to start a discussion of what you want and how they can help.

As mentioned you can also check out custom order teams. You can post a request and find sellers interested in making custom items.

Check 'em out here:

I hope this helps!
here is one:
Etsy wasn't making much money from Alchemy, so there was no reason for them to keep supporting it. Obviously, it was a fantastic resource for buyers and sellers, but if something doesn't translate into dollars for Etsy, then it's of no use to them. I know that with the cute little additions such as circles, finding friends, etc, Etsy has made it seem like this is a social website, but that's all show -- this is a business, not a craft club, and decisions are made based on what will net the biggest profit. People who invest a lot of time in Etsy would do well to remember that.
Don't expect Alchemy to reappear anytime soon, if ever.

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