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Taste Test knows my innermost thoughts

The Taste Test keeps showing me handmade knives. Rugged, barbaric looking things. It must know that under this civilized veneer beats the savage heart of a wild huntress.

What does the Taste Test see in the depths of your soul?

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It sees that after two hours of scrolling through items I wasn't interested in, I finally clicked some stuff just to get through it and now i am being punished for the rest of my life. Yikes...did I just type that out loud??
Three retakes of the TT ago, I had a bunch of gun and holster things, jewelry and decor. (I've never fired a gun, unless you count cap pistols I had as a kid.) And that same group of results kept showing me men's shaving kits, too.
The only time I ever took the taste test, I was shown a figurine of a fetus with a dangling, bloody umbilical cord. Yeah; not what I was hoping to see. I think my horror scared the TT away; because I haven't seen hide nor hair of it since. Seriously; it disappeared!
WJW, Brandi! At least I am not alone in getting some very far out stuff in my results. While I think it's very cool that Etsy has a wide variety of items listed for sale, I am not sure why the TT results for some people include items that are not related to their test selections -- and are not what the typical shopper might like and appreciate. A bunch of my TT results have included items with "fat" jokes, items meant to be confrontational about eating meat, and humor related to overuse of adult beverages. Again, perfectly fine if you are looking for that type of humor (and they were all well done and funny!) but potentially offensive.

If Etsy is going to insert items representative of card making and printed tee shirt desgins into TT results, they could offer birthday cards and nature image shirts.
You see? It KNOWS. It knows us better than we know ourselves. Clearly, ElleJay harbors a cowboy interior decorator inside her heart.

However, it is not all-seeing and all-knowing, and sometimes the algorithm fails. In Brandi's case, the Righteous Power of Veganism completely overruled the Taste Test. Let that be a lesson to us all.

Yet in most cases, the TT does indeed know what you need -- better than you know it yourself. It knew that Denise must be tested with an eternity of Items Not Matching Her Taste. Why? It is not ours to question the ways of the TT. But her path through the fire did lead her here, to howl her frustration into the wind -- so that I could bring her a ray of hope, like a cooling rain.

Denise, if you use Firefox you can get a plug-in that should get rid of the TT. Go here: And good luck to you!
LOL, thank you. I don't mess with plug-ins. Besides, my rant was tongue-in-cheek....nothing bothers me. It's just a minor annoyance and I click right past it. Shame I never even see the front page.
Yeah, I am laughing, too.

I'm sorry that Etsy chose not to give me results including items I might want to buy. I think the TT sux as a promotional tool, but like most Etsy features there is no reason to take it seriously. Either from an aesthetic or a business point of view.
You have a good attitude Denise. :) It is a pretty minor annoyance. And I like some things about it. The placement is what I hate most.

It really has been showing me these inexplicable hand-forged knives, though...
My TT always shows someone elses innermost thoughts. :)

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