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Does a seller have to honor a coupon they forgot to deactivate?

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The seller should honour the code (as it's their fault they didn't remove it)

Good customer service is paramount to repeat customers (plus the old neg/neut hanging on the seller doing the right thing)

It's as bad as a seller saying "Oh I didn't charge enough shipping it will be x amount extra"
NO the seller has to take the loss as your listing is why the buyer bought it
I had my etsy mini for my jewelry shop on facebook (actually still do lol) and when I had filled out the fields one of them was did I want to give a discount if purchased through facebook. I clicked yes and thought I put 10% off. Turns out I typoed it at 15%. I had someone buy something and they got 15%. I was running around frantically trying to figure out how someone got a coupon code for 15% off when I NEVER do more than 10%. I didn't recognize the code, and didn't realize that etsy just generates a random code if someone gets a discount via facebook.

I finally asked the customer where she got the coupon and once she said facebook I went and checked and realized what happened. However, I never once thought of not honoring it and just told the customer I was tracking which coupons were being used so she had no idea I had made a mistake. My mistake, not the customers, I honored the coupon. And went and changed it immediately on Facebook to my normal % off lol.
I guess she is not worried about her feedback. Hard to beleive she would put you and herself in this position.
Wow- for a moment, I was speechless. Or type-less...

Can they do that? Absolutely. But I think that it would be terrible terrible business and am really surprised someone on here *would* do that to a customer. Personally, I'd walk.
Janet aka Felton from FeltOnTheFly says

It could just be a seller who really hasn't thought things through.

@Sakura - your soaps are beautiful! Did you have a shop here under a different name a few years ago? Your soaps look so familiar but I think I remember a different name... I think I'll have to browse in your shop for Mother's Day : )

Thank you, Janet! I sent you convo. :-)
kscarg from KrissyLovesWine says

I used a coupon on a purchase, and then I get a convo from the seller that the coupon isn't valid and should have been deavtivated.

If the coupon was able to be used, then its active and valid. Its up to the seller to keep track of their coupon codes and activate/deactivate them as needed.

Just because a seller doesn't list the coupon code in the announcement doesn't mean that there isn't an active coupon code available. One just has too look at to find coupons for a number of shops.

I'd have honoured the code and never made mention of it!
kscarg, I would also report the seller to Etsy. To me it's a bait and switch. I think there is a rule that you can't ask for more money after the sale goes through (which is what they're doing).
That's her fault.
She should definitely honor the coupon. That is the essence of professionalism.
Need I say more.
Shame on her!! you have every right to insist on a refund, since you purchased the item thinking it would be less.

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