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clicks, clicks, clicks... but no sales...

Hello everyone - I'm kind of new at Etsy, just curious if others face this phenomenon? I was so thrilled when I saw my number of clicks and favorites growing... but am disappointed when no one buys. Is the pricing too high? Or is that just human nature, to browse and admire, but not to buy?

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You should complete you store policies. Many will not purchase from a shop that doesn't explain how they handle refunds, damaged shipment, etc.
Yes, it is human nature, to browse and admire...and buy sometimes, or just move on to browse and admire something else. Well thats my nature anyway :) don't let it get you too despondent.

Love these wood blocks:
It's very common to have people favorite your shop and items, but to necessarily buy anything at the moment.

It's best not set such hopes on clicks and such, nor assume one needs to lower their prices ...that is most likely not the problem at all...I would just concentrate on adding new items, promoting your shop,look for ways to improve at all times...when someone is ready to buy, they will!:)
My advice?

Keep plugging away! Promote, promote, promote. If you're not getting yourself known out there, nobody else will do it for you! I would perhaps concentrate on getting a few more things in your shop. On a great plus side though, I think your photos are fantastic - keep up the good work...the sales WILL come! It's hard when you first start out, it might be worth asking the 4 sales you have had to perhaps leave you some feedback?

Good Luck!
@weirdlittleworld - check out this blog post - it's chock full of wonderful tips for new sellers:

It starts with this quote:
"As a new seller, you’re not the only one asking: how do I get people to view my items and then purchase them? There’s no secret passageway to success, but there are four fundamental keys."
It happens. I've been getting a good number of clicks lately and for whatever reason sales are REALLY slow. (I was anticipating being swamped right now with Mother's Day coming up soon.) A couple of weeks ago, barely any clicks and I was working my but off to keep up with sales. Could kind of drive you crazy if you let it! Don't let it get you down. Sales will pick up. :)
((watches stats, willing a sale to pop up....))
I recommend reading this blog on etsy! It helped me tremendously! I think the Key is to list as much as possible. I didn't get steady sales until I hit about 100 items in my shop (although I know it's different for each shop).
By the way! You have really great pictures!! My advise is to list more- don't worry- I can see you have a very successful career with Etsy.
Your work is beautiful, would like to see more of it in your shop. Hang in there, you will do well.

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