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I want to REMOVE my item from a treasury.

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Inactive Etsy Member 4:01 pm Apr 12, 2012 EDT
Recently, two of my items were featured in a treasury. Normally, a feature in a treasury is a good thing. It generates traffic and helps spread the word about our awesome stuff. However, this treasury curator used our items as a way to promote their own business. I don't want to bring negative attention to this seller so I won't link to it but it's essentially this....

- Treasury name... "Things Joe and Jane can make..."
- Items in treasury... listings made entirely from other shops' items. only one is their own.
- Treasury description... "Here's a treasury of the things that can be done by the good folks here at Joe-Jane's Cabinet! "

**I've substituted the real names.

I do not wish to be a part of this treasury. If it's something that they can make then they can use their own listings and their own photos. I'm all about helping out my fellow Etsians but to drive traffic away from our shop using our own pictures is not OK in my book. We have spent too much time and building and refining to have someone else take the easy way out. I want out of this treasury.

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Have you asked them to remove you? You could always deactivate the item.
Can you flag treasuries? I would think that Etsy would take this down. Maybe contact admin.

In the short term, I think you have to deactivate the item.
the only way to remove your item would be to deactivate it, if the curator won't remove it for you.
Wow, that's pretty brazen. Never heard of someone doing anything like that before. I would want my items off that treasury list as well.

So sorry this happened to you!
you can deactivate your listing.
Seems to me that this practice would be against Esty Do's & Don'ts. That is just so not right!

I had someone from Etsy who follows me on Pinterest pin one of my items to a board titled 'Things I want to make soon" just last night. Irritated me I must admit but not much I can do.
I would not think that this would even be within the treasury guidelines as it sounds like they are trying to take credit for every item. I would contact Etsy support. I personally would contact the curator also and ask them to remove my item if that happened to me. Pretty nervy!
they are getting eatin alive right now..... :)
Ew.. What a terrible treasury.

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