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Is Etsy ever going to fix the missing google problem?

I'm just wondering, over the last year, it seems that our items are missing from google shopping about every month. And every month I go down to bugs to ask for a push and I get one, and then a month later they are gone again.

Why does this keep happening? Why is there always threads about missing google items in bugs at any given time of day? Why did it work just fine for years before this?

Does etsy plan on fixing this so we don't have to individually check and ask all the time? I really see a huge decrease in views from google when my items are missing. I would really like an admin response on if this is going to be fixed, or if etsy doesn't really care about google shopping.

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Any one have any thoughts?
I'd be interested in knowing too. I keep seeing these "push" posts in bugs.

I have to admit I don't check to see if my items are showing up. But we shouldn't have to ask. What about all the people that don't come to the forums?
Exactly Diane, others don't even know that they are missing. I wonder though, why more people are not upset about this.
Do you really get that many views from "Google Shopping" that it matters?

Your items are still on "regular" Google searches.
I am now getting as many sales from Google Shopping as from Google search, so yes, it really matters. Shopping may be smaller,but that also means it is easier to rank. Although the feeds are not stable, the changes made last year seem to be giving us better ranking.

lisajune posted the other day & basically said it is a google problem. Seems Etsy could put a little more effort into fixing it, though.
I certainly do see a difference in views when my items are not in google shopping.
If there's a problem with Google Shopping, wouldn't it be Google's problem to fix, not Etsy's? Not sure...
Good question... waiting.....
I asked the question and was told that items stay on for 30 days only unless you renew or edit. Also that Etsy is working with them to continue items for the full 4 months.

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