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Waiting for answer from seller

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Life happens, but these are businesses and each and every shop owner should have contingency plans for lifes happenings. Eight days and two messages is a long time to not respond.


Totally agree, but some people dont. I answer as soon as i can, which im sure you do. There might just be a genuine reason for not repsonding.

OP - go with your guy instinct, if you think your being ignored, move on. There are plenty of other shops and lovely sellers on here that do respond ASAP.
I figured you'd all say that... Yes, I did try twice to send convos, I didn't see an actual email address to contact the seller. But I guess I'm just disappointed, I was loooking to buy an engagement ring, I finally found the vintage/unique one I wanted... Seems counterproductive for the seller not to answer a question regarding an item worth a lot of money like that. I think my question was very polite but maybe the subject rubbed the seller the wrong way... It was if there was a guarantee or certificate of authenticity with the ring to insure the diamonds were genuine, I think it's a fair question when buying jewelry off the Internet, right? Oh well, guess they weren't real after all!!! It's really too bad though. Thanks for all your help!
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Inactive Etsy Member 2:12pm Apr 14, 2012 EDT
I don't think you're being deliberately ignored, OP.
I think the shop owner is asleep at the wheel.

I've always gotten back to potential buyers, sometimes within minutes... several hours later at the most.

I think your questions were very fair...especially when buying a diamond. You are very smart to ask those questions.
Something is not right, if they can not answer those questions.

I hope you find another engagement ring!!!!
Sorry about the insure/ensure catastrophe back there...
I think you had a lucky escape, if they cannot or will not answer that sort of question they have something to hide.

Godd luck with your search.
Def a fair question. If they aren't answering it maybe it isn't and you wouldn't want it anyway. Good luck to you, there are a lot of really nice engagement rings here on Etsy, handmade and vintage.
Townshipper, you are smart to be asking those (very fair) questions. I hope you find what you're looking for from another seller.

On the bright side... of all my many many Etsy purchases, I've always had very positive experiences. So your chances are *excellent* for having a great Etsy experience.

Congrats on your engagement & good luck finding the perfect ring!


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