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Did I get it right?

If someone could help me with my titles, I would be so appreciative. I changed the titles on most of my baby hats and hope I finally have the hang of it. I tried to cross over my title with the description also.

I would like to know if I finally have the hang of it before I change everything else.

Please note that only the baby hats have been changed and I think everything else is done incorrectly.

Thanks so much.

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I just had a look at your first listing for the blue green hat and it looks good to me. You have spread a few of the key words in your description and used title words in the tags. Your titles are nice and simple and I would think they are what people would search when looking for a baby hat. I am no expert mind you but I will go to search and try a couple of your tags and see if you come up on the first couple of pages in the category. It is a lot of work re-doing the titles and tags but in the end very well worth it to be found. I change something in mine most days as I try to get better at it all.
I just did a search using a couple of different titles and trying to think like a customer would (this I find is the hardest part when adding titles) and I found this:

baby pom pom hat - I could not find your hat in the first 6 pages

blue green baby hat - it came up on page 2

newborn baby crochet hat - did not come up in the first 6 pages

newborn blue green crochet hat - also on page 2

I did not want to use your exact titles as that is too easy and different customers will use different terms to search for an item.

Hope this is of some help.
Thanks so much Coralie. That is very helpful.
The only thing that I would suggest is that you started all of the titles for your baby hats with crocheted baby hat. I would suggest changing it up. Start a few with crocheted baby hat and others with crocheted baby cap, colorful baby hat, green newborn cap, newborn baby hat, crocheted newborn baby hat. Whichever one you use in the title just make sure that you repeat that in your description and again in your tags. This way if you vary what you start your title with then hopefully one of your items wil come up high in search results no matter what a customer searches for when they are looking for a baby hat.
Thanks, Amy. I will add some variety to my titles. I appreciate the help.

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