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Promotion and creation, what is your pick??

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Creating always comes first.
Creating is always first with me. I'm just not into the social media stuff......
I try to do 50/50. I learned this when I had a garden design business before. If you don't promote you don't have customers but if you don't create you have nothing to promote. I have my computer where I work so I can just turn around and do a little socializing and then go back to work. It's becoming easier to manage as time goes on. Now if you're just beginning then you have to create first. I didn't start really going at the promotion stuff until I felt my shop looked decent enough.
The actual promoting only takes about 30 mins out of my day if I'm promoting a new item on every site I am on. I usually space it out over two days, so it's maybe 15 mins a day. The other parts of the business take up a lot more time.

Being on those sites doing other things is part of my leisure time, so I don't see it as promoting, even if it does have a secondary effect of people learning about me, and therefore my store.
Are there people who prefer promoting? Really?

I like to create. I commit to marginal promoting.

As a shopper, I look for things, so tags would be the most important thing to get me into a shop...if the tags were close to what I was looking for!
alex lobus from woodenaht says
98% creation
1% promotion
1% "other"


This ^^^^ I honestly feel like social networking is a necessary evil. It is sooo not me. I often fret about "what is next....?" as far as that stuff goes! It blows my mind. Not in a good way...
Guess I'm the weirdo who loves promotion.
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Inactive Etsy Member 11:55 pm Apr 13, 2012 EDT
I'm for creation too. The good side is I have helps for the promotion side. It's an important part but not the most important.

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