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Direct Checkout...Increase Sales?

I've seen all the pros and cons with Direct Checkout from hearing it from other sellers here on the forums. My only question and problem with it is I would only do it if Seller would prefer that more than paypal, so that it would increase sales. Any thoughts or has anyone who now has direct checkout seen an increase in sales?

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i haven't really noticed that any one has said it has increased their sales. i am reading these threads also since so far i do not see a compelling reason to add it.
I have had sales specifically to customers using Visa/MC gift cards, which the customers could not use before with Paypal. It may be hard to judge with so many other factors what increases sales (or not) but I do know in those cases that the customers could not purchase otherwise, so DC was a boon.

The only downside for my shop is that I cannot partially cancel a multi-item transaction. The way I do custom orders is not adversely affected. I don't like paying slightly higher fees but I do believe it will make up for it in added sales. I enjoy having it and my customers adore it.
I've had DC for about a month and over 80% of my customers are using it, even the ones that used to use paypal. Paypal limits the number of times you can use a credit card.

I don't think you can measure it in absolute numbers, but I do think in the long run it will increase sales.

Choices for customers are very improtant. I'm going to continue to offer both.

eta: I forgot about that, Lisa. So have I.
Here are some stats that I thought I would share:

I started Direct Checkout on March 7th.

March 7th to March 31st:
59% Credit Card
41% Paypal

April 1st to April 15th:
58% Credit Card
42% Paypal
I would like to try DC.......
I read here on the forums the other day that it really doesn't matter if you have DC or not, because the buyer isn't given that option until checkout (when they have obviously already decided to make the purchase). ???
I see no increase in sales and about 1/2 of my customers are using it.
I'm not sure the customers prefer it, those that used to use a credit card on Paypal now don't have a choice because, if I'm following this correctly, the Direct Checkout is the only option that shows for a credit card now if you have opted in for DC.
Kim, I advertise it to my customers in advance, via newsletters and facebook. So I have had some customers specifically say "now I can shop with you" when they couldn't before.

Collectique, you can still use Paypal for CC processing in the same way as before.

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